Ronnie, a 7-year-old flat-coated retriever, had been diagnosed by a veterinarian as having wet eczema in the testicular area, and was on conventional medicine. He had to wear a buster collar to stop him licking. Kate, his owner, said that he was beside himself, unable to settle, and did not want anybody going near to the affected area. Ronnie was really unhappy.

I went to Kate’s home and gave Ronnie Reiki healing. He lay quietly and rolled over on his back to expose the area where his wet eczema was. During the session, Ronnie went on to do a number of things: he was shaking his whole body, licking my hand and rolling, all of which are response signs. Once the session had finished Ronnie was laying on the sofa fast at sleep! This is a normal thing to do after healing it gives the body time to process the energy.

Kate reported back to me a few days later that Ronnie had an immediate response after the Reiki, Ronnie had stopped licking his eczema, he did not mind being touched in the affected area, and he was relaxed and happy, he was back to his old self again.

Woodsorrel Drambuie

A message about my Reiki treatments for Dram, an older border collie, from his owner, Trevor.

Dram was over 12 years old when he broke his cruciate ligament. For a dog of his age, it was very traumatic, especially as he had to hop about for 3 weeks before I could get him into surgery.

At first, he did not take to Reiki and kept getting up and walking away. He seemed to find it strange and bewildering; however with Collette’s gentle approach, he slowly became more accustomed to the healing process and would almost sleep through it after a few weeks. I feel that Reiki was a positive element in his healing. He is approaching 14 now and thinks he is a 2 year old again!


A 12 year old female Labrador called Zulu did not want to get up, eat or go for a walk, she didn’t appear distressed or in severe pain. The veterinarian diagnosed a muscular problem on her left side, most probably due to another dog running into her side. Zulu was given conventional medicine by the veterinarian.

Zulu also had a Reiki session. After I left, her owner reported that Zulu got up and walked into another room. Zulu was altogether more relaxed and happier than she had been in the previous 24 hours.

Zulu had one more Reiki session 3 days later, her owner reported that after a few days, Zulu was back to her old self.


This is what Emma said about Nando’s Reiki healing following his operation on his cruciate ligament.

“Following Nandos TPLO I was lucky enough to know Collette who offered Reiki.

I believe this was a positive experience to both myself and Nando. It was great to be able to offer him some alternative therapy to complement the painkillers and discomfort he was in.

We spent about an hour each week in a quiet room with music and candles while Collette worked on him. He was always very relaxed and content and so was I!

I would recommend Reiki, as I believe it certainly helped with the healing process. I enjoyed having this time with Nando as you feel guilty for what you have to put them through.”


“Was I skeptical about Reiki? Yes I was indeed, but when Collette offered to assist in the healing of my rotator cuff shoulder operation through Reiki, I thought, ‘what have I to lose? ‘During my treatment time, I felt warmth and tingling. After the Reiki treatment, some stiffness had dissipated…so I guess you could say I am a convert! I had Collette assist me when I had my other shoulder operated on.“