Reiki for Animals

All animals benefit from Reiki. They seem to have an understanding of what healing is and its benefits. It helps with a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological conditions working holistically on the whole animal rather than isolated conditions. It promotes peace calm and relaxation.

Ideally, I visit your animal in their own environment where they are likely to be more at ease. It is best if the animal is in a place to rest or go to sleep if it wishes after the healing has finished.

Animals live in the moment. They share unconditional love.

After an in-depth consultation the Reiki sessions are usually 30 to 60 minutes, but can sometimes last longer than that. There is no limit how much an animal receives; the animal guides me. Life force energy is channeled through my hands to the animal.

It is widely accepted that Reiki can be given and received equally efficiently hands off or via distant healing. Many animals like to receive a treatment from a few feet away, sometimes they move around coming to your hands and moving away. This is particularly useful at Rescue centers where the animals maybe aggressive and healing can be given from outside the kennel or cage at a safe distance.

Reiki always works for the highest of good of the animal. Healing can be a peaceful transition for animals ready to pass over. Healing and relaxation can replace turmoil with calm.

In the event of either the animal’s owner or carer or Reiki practitioner suspecting anything physically wrong with any animal, then a veterinarian should be consulted prior to Reiki being offered so that a diagnosis can be made first.

Frequently asked questions

Can Reiki be used along side veterinary care?

Reiki is not a substitute for veterinary treatment. It is a complementary therapy that supports all other healing therapies, including veterinary medicine.

What signs will my animal give during the Reiki session?

Animals may give response signs during the session. Examples maybe yawning, deep breathing, licking lips, licking your hand or part of their body, dozing, stretching, shaking, rolling and many more.

What will my animal do afterwards?

After the session, the animal may need to go to the toilet, drink water or go to sleep to process the healing.

How many Reiki sessions will be needed?

This largely depends on why the animals are having healing. An animal with arthritis may have sessions on a regular basis. If the animal is recovering from an operation they may have one session only.